Why Choose MDRN CBD?

At MDRN we take pride in every product that we offer as sourcing and selling high-quality, hemp-derived CBD is our deep passion. Countless new CBD brands are popping up – seemingly everywhere – as the demand for CBD products continues to rise.

The known health benefits of hemp-derived CBD have penetrated mainstream consciousness with emerging information about the massive potential of cannabinoids.

As hemp-derived CBD products becomes more common, the average person has a few basic questions before feeling completely comfortable and confident.

Common concerns when selecting a high-quality hemp CBD product include:

  • How do you know which brands to trust?
  • Are CBD products safe?
  • Do the CBD oils offered comply with federal law  (less than 0.3% THC)?
  • Will the CBD products I choose be beneficial for me?

What we do here at MDRN CBD…

Curating the highest quality CBD products and earning your trust is why we decided to start MDRN CBD. Our primary aim is to be the trusted resource for hemp-derived CBD products.

In order to produce high-quality CBD products – strict standards and transparency are essential. That is why we have a proprietary quality assurance program that every brand and product we carry must pass prior to being offered on our site. Our quality assurance program is built around transparency, quality and effect:


Our strict quality-control procedure allows us to confidently show the results from lab reports on products we offer.

Full transparency includes listing ingredients, sourcing products from brands that only use USA-grown hemp, and only selecting brands that have good manufacturing procedures.

If you ever have any questions, please contact us and our excellent customer support specialists will help you.

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MDRN CBD has a proprietary quality assurance program for every hemp CBD product we offer.

Our hemp-derived CBD standards require our products to look, feel, and taste great. The team at MDRN CBD has a final confirmation of quality by personally trying EVERY product we offer.


The positive impact of our product offerings include the benefits of the entourage effect. Broad spectrum CBD products trigger the entourage effect – allowing a large variety of cannabinoids to work better while working together.

When there are over a hundred different types of cannabinoids, the entourage effect provides synergistic benefits – making each cannabinoid operate more effectively. We ensure that the CBD products on MDRN have the active mg and desired effect that they claim.

Simply put, we are not going to sell you a product we haven’t tried and enjoy ourselves.

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